Training in Palm Reading

I am currently putting together a course of training in palm reading. It will run for ten weeks on a Monday morning from 10am to 12noon, at my home in Enoggera. We will cover the following subjects: Hand shape and size, including finger and thumb shape and size, and nail shape; The mounts of the hand, how to judge their qualities and importance in each hand; Skin texture; The lines of the hand, including major lines (heart line, life line, head line, fate line, apollo line, mercury line), and secondary lines; how to locate specific events on the hand, including their timing; dermatoglyphics (fingerprint and skin ridge patterns); how to put it all together; how to work with the spirit world; how to communicate with the client, find out what they really want, and nip problems in the bud (the most important thing I’ll teach you); Combining your pal reading with other tools.

Send me a chat message if you are interested. I plan to run the course sometime in the second half of 2023, when I get the numbers!

Reading at the Heal Yourself Expo in Redcliffe – 29th and 30th of July 2023

I will be reading at the Heal Yourself Expo in Redcliffe on the weekend of the 29th and 30th of July. Come along for a reading. There is so much information and expertise available at these expos! Palm readings are great for lens for looking at health issues – some of the things that can show up in the hand are grain intolerance, inflammation in particular areas of the body, relationship issues that can come up, and the need for putting in place boundaries.

Witches Night Market 13th August 2022

I am reading at the Witches Night Market at the Petrie School of Arts on Saturday 13th August. I am back reading again after being out of action with a broken bone in my foot, which meant no driving. I had a nice reading date in July at the Maroochydore Heal Yourself Expo. As is often the case, certain themes emerge on a reading date, and this time it was Pluto. Not all palmists recognise a mount of Pluto, but I have found it to be a valuable indication on those who have it. Pluto people tend to have a deep interest in human nature, and a commitment to self growth, and turn up as psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists and other folk who have a deep insight into and interest in what makes people tick. The mount of pluto appears adjacent to the mount of the moon, close to the wrist.

Come along to Petrie if you feel called. Bring a brolly, it’s a bit drizzly, but not too cold!

Reading 9th and 10th of July at Heal Yourself Expo Maroochydore.

I love reading at the Heal Yourself Expos. There are always so many interesting people to talk to, and I love the energy of the different practitioners….So far today I have spoken to a wonderful Osteopath and Energy Healer, someone who sees doorways, and someone who channels ancestral healing. It is wonderful to be here amongst it. So if you are up the coast, drop by for a reading, and check out the other wonderful offerings as well!!!

One of many beautiful stalls at Maroocydore Heal Yourself Expo

Cancelled reading date

Unfortunately I’ve broken my foot, and can’t drive for now. So I have had to cancel my appearance at the Mothers’ day Psychic Fair this weekend , 7th and 8th of May at Carrara Markets. Sorry to all those who were planning on coming for a reading, but Destiny had other plans! Currently reflecting on surrender and vulnerabity. I will schedule another Carrara date once my foot is back in action! If you are in need of a reading there will still be plenty of awesome readers this weekend at Carrara.

All the best, Robert.

Mind Body Spirit Wrap Up

It was lovely to read for so many people at The Mind Body and Spirit festival last weekend. It was a very busy weekend, and I was reading virtually non stop for three days! Like so many reading days, there seemed to be some themes emerging. In this case it was all about sensitivity, and Saturn energy. Sensitivity to energy shows first and foremost in the texture of the skin, while Saturn energy manifests through the middle finger. Last weekend I was seeing many people whose sensitivity tended to interact with their strong Saturn energies to result in a love of their own space, to the point of feeling disconnected and isolated. Saturn people respond well to structure, so a regular social outing to meet up with like minded people works well to keep Saturn people in a positive frame of mind, as long as theres no organising to be done!

Witches Night Market postponed.

Unfortunately, the rain has made the ground too wet for the Witches Market to go ahead this Saturday, 11th December. Sorry to all who were planning on coming for readings. The good news is, it looks like they will be happening on the 18th December instead. If the grounds at Petrie School of Arts are still too waterlogged, the venue will be the Lawnton Community Centre. We should know by next Wednesday, and I’ll keep you posted. That also means that I won’t be at Eumundi Markets on the 18th now. But will be back up the coast again in the new year!

Blessings, Robert.