Witches Night Market 13th August 2022

I am reading at the Witches Night Market at the Petrie School of Arts on Saturday 13th August. I am back reading again after being out of action with a broken bone in my foot, which meant no driving. I had a nice reading date in July at the Maroochydore Heal Yourself Expo. As is often the case, certain themes emerge on a reading date, and this time it was Pluto. Not all palmists recognise a mount of Pluto, but I have found it to be a valuable indication on those who have it. Pluto people tend to have a deep interest in human nature, and a commitment to self growth, and turn up as psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists and other folk who have a deep insight into and interest in what makes people tick. The mount of pluto appears adjacent to the mount of the moon, close to the wrist.

Come along to Petrie if you feel called. Bring a brolly, it’s a bit drizzly, but not too cold!