Eumundi Markets Saturday 23rd October

I will be back at the fabulous Eumundi Markets on Saturday 23rd Ocitober! My Stall is close to Memorial Drive, near the CWA hall. I am looking forward to getting some more of the Sunshine Coast Vibe! As alway, you are welcome to prebook a session, contact me on my mobile number 0408 854 077, or through my Facebook page! Search “Robert W Reeves Palmistry and Tarot” in Facebook!

Wonderful Weekend at Gold Coast Heal Yourself Expo

Last weekend I had the privilege of reading for you at the Heal Yourself Expo at The Gold Coast. It was a beautiful sunny weekend, and as well as doing a whole bunch of readings, I also managed to get to the beach. It was beautiful walking along the spit after my readings were done for the day, and feeling the immense cleansing and healing power of the ocean as I paddled along the magical place between earth and water.

Often my reading days seem to have a theme, and this weekend was no mistake! The theme was Saturn! So many people that came for readings had Saturn energy in their hand, it was quite remarkable. Saturn people often like their solitude, but often are also prone to depression. They can be great students and studiers, especially of things they are interested in, and sometimes have an affinity for the Earth, and it’s deep secrets! On the down side, they can be a bit pessimistic, bad tempered, or overly critical, and that can be related to or associated with Liver issues. Saturn people often have difficulty delegating, as they don’t believe that anyone else can do a job as well as they can! Saturn people benefit from having structure around social interactions, such as a regular weekly class or club meeting where they can mingle with like minded people.

So thank you to everyone who came for a reading! I will be back down in the Gold Coast Soon!

Eumundi Markets – Saturday 2nd October

I will be back on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday 2nd October, with a stall at the Eumundi Markets. I love the vibe of the markets. Last time I was opposite a lovely guy who made cutting boards in his own workshop, from timber sourced and milled himself. It was a lovely piece of work, with strips of silky oak and black oak. It really appealed to me, as I used to live in Canada, where there were a lot of Black Oak trees. And of course the beautiful floral displays of the Silky Oak are wonderfully uplifting in South East Queensland in late winter and early spring! So it held some personal meaning for me, being quite attuned to tree spirits, as well as being a lovely piece of timber. It was almost a shame to use it for cutting stuff! Anyway, come and have a reading, and then enjoy yourself at the awesome Eumundi Markets! I will be next to the old CWA hall, right by Memorial Drive. If you’re not sure how to get there, check their website!