Cararra Markets wrap up

It was another wonderful day reading for you at Carrara markets. I really love the variety of people that come for a reading, and I love hearing your different stories and life experiences. Something that really stood out for me was the number of people who had quite different markings on left and right hands. In my readings, I interpret the non-dominant hand as containing the blueprint for your life, the character, skills and gifts that you entered this life with. On your right hand we see where life has called on you to develop new skills, or presented you with challenges that sometimes can result in a loss of confidence around some of your talents.

While mostly I seem to be doing palmistry, I occasionally get called upon for a tarot reading. Cards are good for developing insights into specific questions about choices or situations you might be currently having to deal with. I use reversed as well as upright meanings in my spreads, something that I have noticed that some readers avoid, out of fear of inviting negative meanings. I believe the cards are a language, and we get the best communication when the full range of meanings are available. And if we are getting advice about situations that might involve negatives, we need to have the language to express that!

My next reading date I have booked in is the Redcliffe Heal Yourself Expo, on the 22nd and 23rd of May. I am also working on some other dates before then. I’ll keep you posted!

Reading This Sunday (28th March) at Carrara Markets

I will be back on the Gold Coast this Sunday 28th of March, reading at the Carrara Markets. It’s a lovely market for a morning’s outing, with bargains, eats and lot’s of interesting stalls. I will be located in Family Fun Street, close to the Market St Entrance. Look for me on the right just after the second bridge! There’s a map of the markets here.

Looking forward to seeing you, and reading for you!

Heal Yourself Expo a great success

I had another great weekend of reading at the Heal Yourself Expo in Toowoomba, over the weekend of the Equinox. The tides and energies were moving very strongly. Thanks to al the people who came for readings, I really love connecting with you and letting the magic of palmistry do it’s work! It is a real privilege to hear your stories and to be a part of your ongoing journey. I believe that we are all on this planet at this time to give the gift that only we can give. I feel very humble when I see the wonderful gifts that people have showing up in the palms, and I trust that its profoundly re-affirming for them to have those gifts acknowledged and reflected back to them in a reading.

So thanks again to all those who came for a reading! I look forward to seeing you again in the future! I am hoping to be back in Toowoomba soon!

Wonderful Day Reading

Picture of Robert in black shirt.

I had a wonderful day yesterday up in Toowoomba, reading at the Body and Soul Expo. Thanks to all the wonderful people who came along for readings! I really enjoyed meeting you all, and being of service to you with my palmistry. I really enjoy hearing your stories and about your lives, and having the chance to reflect back to you your strengths and also sometimes blind spots, and give some insights about how to be kinder to yourselves in love and work and relationships. If there is one thing that I have learnt from reading palms, it is that everyone is so different! Especially in love relationships, it is so helpful to understand how you and your loved one may differ in need for and relationship to touch, humanitarianism and solitude, for example. How easy it is to make negative assumptions about being rejected or unloved, when there is really at the root of it just a different relationship to these important dimensions.

I loved the space for the market, at the beautiful and historic Mills Precinct. Lovely and atmospheric!

I am looking forward to be back in Toowoomba on the 20th and 21st March for the Heal Yourself Expo!