Wonderful Day Reading

I had a wonderful day yesterday up in Toowoomba, reading at the Body and Soul Expo. Thanks to all the wonderful people who came along for readings! I really enjoyed meeting you all, and being of service to you with my palmistry. I really enjoy hearing your stories and about your lives, and having the chance to reflect back to you your strengths and also sometimes blind spots, and give some insights about how to be kinder to yourselves in love and work and relationships. If there is one thing that I have learnt from reading palms, it is that everyone is so different! Especially in love relationships, it is so helpful to understand how you and your loved one may differ in need for and relationship to touch, humanitarianism and solitude, for example. How easy it is to make negative assumptions about being rejected or unloved, when there is really at the root of it just a different relationship to these important dimensions.

I loved the space for the market, at the beautiful and historic Mills Precinct. Lovely and atmospheric!

I am looking forward to be back in Toowoomba on the 20th and 21st March for the Heal Yourself Expo!